Daily Media Digest October 12, 2022

Research suggests gut microbiome plays a role in lifestyle’s effects on dementia risk
“Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care … a role in how diet and exercise affect brain health and dementia risk, suggests a recent Baycrest study.”
TAGS: geriatric health, microbiome, dementia risk, Baycrest

Brain Injury and Mental Health – Ontarians with traumatic brain injury are more likely to experience psychological distress
UHN Research
“These results highlight the importance of considering sex and gender in the design and interpretation of studies, to inform health care solutions that are sensitive to the unique needs of males and females…”
TAGS: traumatic brain injury, mental health, patient access, UHN KITE Research Institute

The stigma of mental illness
The Hill Times
“Overall, despite recent developments in screening, prevention and treatment of mental disorders, it is clear that stigma related to mental illness remains in Canada…”
TAGS: mental health, mental illness stigma, University of Calgary

Lung cancer research and treatment working wonders
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Palumbo met with medical oncologist Dr. Rosalyn Juergens to discuss options that included taking part in a clinical trial for patients with advanced lung cancer.”
TAGS: patient story, oncology, lung cancer, Hamilton Health Sciences

Preparing our medical system for the next pandemic
The Hill Times
“Now is the time to shift our focus to our economic recovery as well as increasing the resilience and preparedness of our medical system.”
TAGS: pandemic preparedness, Canadian medical system, Johnson & Johnson

Handol Kim of Variational AI on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
“The importance of AI is being elevated to a national level where capability is seen as a nationally-strategic priority.”
TAGS: health research, health innovation, artificial intelligence, Variational AI