Daily Media Digest October 17, 2023

Will we still have antibiotics in 50 years? Global experts respond
Brighter World – McMaster
“McMaster biochemist Lori Burrows and six other global experts in microbiology and biochemistry answer the question of whether we are headed towards a future with no antimicrobial agents …”
KEYWORDS: antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance, McMaster University

Q and A with the experts: Examining high school student mental health post-pandemic
University of Waterloo
“Mental health issues had been a concern before the pandemic, but they came into focus even more during this time. In a recent study, Dr. Mahmood Gohari from the University of Waterloo’s School of Public Health Sciences used survey data from almost 5,400 Canadian …”
KEYWORDS: mental health, pandemic, University of Waterloo

Studies confirm an overlooked risk for cardiovascular disease
University of Alberta
“Using genomic data from a combined sample of almost one million participants — spanning Africa, Asia, North America and Europe — the findings are the first to show, on such a large scale, a causal link between …”
KEYWORDS: cardiovascular health, heart disease, diabetes, University of Alberta

Pfizer Canada Invests in Canadian Innovation, Announcing Winners of Open Call for Healthcare Solutions
“With support from Pfizer Canada’s Healthcare Hub, selected startups will further develop innovations to foster more patient-centred care at this …”
KEYWORDS: life sciences, innovative research, Pfizer Canada

Study on sexual assault resistance seeking participants for online trial
University of Windsor
“Effective prevention programs are few and far between, with the gap often filled by quick but superficial online training modules that lack a proven track record.”
KEYWORDS: Canadian research, Canada Research Chair, University of Windsor