Daily Media Digest October 21, 2019

How many flights does it take for stair-climbing to qualify as a workout?
The Guardian
But in keeping with the trend toward shorter, more intense workouts, a research team from McMaster University recruited 24 university students to …
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Influenza vaccine effective for cancer patients, London study finds
The study, published this month in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that while overall effectiveness of the vaccine was lower for those with …
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Researchers use exoskeleton, sensors to study farmer’s movement
CTV News
“The idea of an exoskeleton is to make work easier,” said Catherine Trask, a professor at the U of S and Canada Research Chair in Ergonomics.
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‘On the cutting edge’: Canada’s college researchers filling innovation gaps
The Globe and Mail
“As industry sees the value in what we do, governments have responded by investing heavily in college research,” Mr. McIsaac says, while noting college research funding is still miniscule …
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Could a common treatment for joint pain do more harm than good?
“We do not have any approved drug, whether it’s in Canada or around the world — there is no drug which can modify the disease,” says Dr. Mohit Kapoor, director of arthritis research at the University Health Network in Toronto.
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Regulations, funding keep Canada from becoming world leader in cannabis research, scientists say
Onerous regulations and insufficient funding are holding back cannabis research in Canada, some experts say, a year after recreational use of the …
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Managing diabetes in the new era of glucose monitoring technology
Benefits Canada
… to Dr. Thomas Ransom, endocrinologist at the Nova Scotia Health Authority, during Benefits Canada’s 2019 Halifax Benefits Summit on Sept. 24.
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How employers, health-care policies can support employees with irritable bowel disease
Benefits Canada
… Canada has the highest prevalence in the world, according to Mina Mawani, president and chief executive officer of Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, …
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The value of private drug plans from a Canadian and global context
Benefits Canada
… a lot of variance between provinces, according to Joe Farago, executive director of private payers and investment at Innovative Medicines Canada.
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Where do Canada’s federal parties stand on research funding?
The three main agencies that finance most of Canada’s federal research — the … Research Council of Canada; the Canadian Institutes of Health Research … He highlighted the low rates of CIHR grant approval for medical research …
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Greens prepare for health challenges caused by the climate crisis
… public health associations, including the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), …
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