Daily Media Digest October 24, 2023

Supporting the transition from hospital to community care for patients with developmental disabilities and a psychiatric condition
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
“Amid this crisis, there is a pressing need to address the issue of supporting patients who require an alternate level of care (ALC) …”
KEYWORDS: mental health, disability, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

New report highlights significant gaps in arthritis care and research across Canada
Arthritis Society Canada
“Survey shows Canadians overwhelmingly support more arthritis research, agree wait times are too long …”
KEYWORDS: arthritis, Canadian research, funding, Arthritis Society Canada

Researcher uses AI to understand how healthy older adults are aging at home
University of Toronto
“… University Health Network and an assistant professor at U of T’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, develop a database that will provide a …”
KEYWORDS: aging, artificial intelligence, University Health Network, University of Toronto

Psychology alumna raises the bar on health initiatives at Canada’s National Ballet School
Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)
“The film got a lot of attention, and we are now looking at whether it was an effective way to help challenge dementia-related …”
KEYWORDS: aging, physical activity, Baycrest, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)

Together, Let’s Drive Improved Drug Access for Rare Diseases
Health Insight
“Canada’s rare disease patient community is leveraging a $1.5-billion drug strategy to drive accelerated sustainable drug access for rare diseases and beyond.”
KEYWORDS: rare disease, funding, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD)