Daily Media Digest October 30, 2023

Lead the charge: your community holds the key to revolutionizing mental health care
The Hill Times
“As the Liberal government continues to reset its priorities, the onus is clear: prioritize community mental health. It is a powerful solution in supporting the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens.”
KEYWORDS: mental health, health care, Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Drug pricing: PMPRB announces framework for new guidelines consultation
Pharma in Brief
“… new guidelines, beginning with a scoping paper to be published in advance of Policy Roundtable sessions to be held December 5 (English) and December 6 (French), 2023.”
KEYWORDS: drug pricing, Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB)

Alberta piloting at-home HPV test in hopes of reducing cervical cancer
“Alberta Health Services will distribute home testing kits to under-screened populations such as those in rural or remote communities, Indigenous communities, and new immigrants…”
KEYWORDS: cervical cancer, HPV, Alberta Health Services, University of British Columbia

Eye clinic at Churchill Health Centre the first to use donated optometric equipment being kept in Northern Manitoba
University of Waterloo
“… where dozens of patients got their eyes examined this week, some for the first time in years, thanks to state-of-the art equipment donated through the University of Waterloo School of Optometry & Vision Science.”
KEYWORDS: pediatric health, Indigenous health, optometry, University of Waterloo

BC Children’s Hospital researchers launch new online tool to help teachers take their classes outdoors
BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
“BC Children’s Hospital has launched the new online Outdoor Play and Learning tool to help parents, caregivers and educators gain the skills …”
KEYWORDS: physical activity, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Provincial Health Services Authority

UHN’s Commitment to A Healthier World
HRI Portal
“With a mission to create A Healthier World, University Health Network (UHN) is at the forefront of healthcare research and innovation. UHN comprises four academic hospitals, an education institute …”
KEYWORDS: health research, artificial intelligence, University Health Network