Daily Media Digest October 31, 2022

N.S. hopes race-based data collection will improve health-care accessibility
“John Ariyo, the executive director of equity and engagement at Nova Scotia Health, said the initiative was called for by stakeholders, …”
TAGS: healthcare accessibility, equitable health research, Nova Scotia health

Seniors need trauma-informed services in long-term care homes
Policy Options
“Post-traumatic stress disorder is exacerbating the daily stress of long-term care home residents, but caregivers lack training and tools.”
TAGS: post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, senior healthcare, University of Alberta

How taxing sugary drinks reinforces weight stigma
The Conversation
“This type of taxation has real potential to have harmful effects on equity as lower-income populations will pay a higher proportion of their income through this tax.”
TAGS: public health policy, University of Manitoba, University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

Canada must improve availability of research-based innovation to combat growing health threats
HRI Portal
“The recent pandemic showed us that discovery and innovation are not only important for addressing known pathogens, but in preparing for future global health threats.”
TAGS: antimicrobial resistance, bacterial infections, antibiotics, Innovative Medicines Canada

BC Cancer patients and researchers bring new insights on deadly cancers
“​By donating their cells, and those cells’ genomes, to researchers at BC Cancer, 158 BC Cancer patients have helped to uncover new insights into a dangerous subset of triple-negative breast cancer and high-grade serous ovarian cancers.”
TAGS: cancer research, genome, BC Cancer Research Institute, Provincial Health Services Authority