Daily Media Digest October 4, 2019

Clogged Blood Vessels, Cyclic Vomiting, Acute Psychosis, Overdoses from Edibles: ‘Cannabis May be Legal, but We Need to Address the Public Health Impact’ Canadian Stroke Congress Told
“Dr. Simpson told the Canadian Stroke Congress that every marijuana cigarette has a mixture of 70 chemicals — all of which may act on the heart and blood vessels in unpredictable ways.”
TAGS: cannabis, heart health, Stroke risk

Researchers reveal the circuitry regulating muscle stem cell function
“Muscles have a fantastic ability to heal themselves, thanks to pools of muscle stem cells that respond to damage.”
TAGS: stem cell research, muscle repair, muscle disease

Colorectal cancer screening may not be best for all, new guideline says
“Routinely screening everyone aged 50 to 79 for colorectal cancer may not be the best approach, a panel of Canadian and international experts say.”
TAGS: colorectal cancer, preventative health, Early diagnosis

Students eat junk. Can science help?
National Post
“University-age students are eating a fraction of the fruits and veggies they need. Researchers are looking at how behavioural economics could change that”
TAGS: nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle,

Red meat good, red meat bad: Why nutrition research can be so hard to follow
“A set of studies released this week upended the nutrition world, suggesting that there is no need to reduce your consumption of red meat — something that’s long been recommended by a slew of public health organizations, including in Canada’s Food Guide.”
TAGS: nutrition, healthy eating, preventative health