Daily Media Digest October 7, 2019

McMaster University study suggests role of gut is important in treating depression
“About 90 per cent of the human body’s serotonin is actually produced in the gut, an area of increasing focus among medical researchers around the globe.”
TAGS: mental health, Gut health, depression

Asking an employee to get a sick note is a ‘public health risk,’ experts say
“With flu season rearing its ugly head, the hotly debated topic of whether employers should be able to require sick notes for missed work has returned.”
TAGS: flu season, public health, community health

Old drug, new tricks, provides hope for patients with polycystic kidney disease
University Health Network
“Dr. York Pei, an award-winning scientist at the University Health Network, has discovered a potential new use for an old drug, providing hope for patients suffering from polycystic kidney disease.”
TAGS: polycystic kidney disease, aspirin family, new approach

New U of O health centre addresses ‘taboo’ of musicians’ pain
“Musicians often play through the pain and anxiety, says director — or self-medicate”
TAGS: wellness centre, stress injuries, mental health

‘Growing epidemic of memory loss’: Dementia hotel offers caregivers respite
CTV News
“A new Toronto-area hotel designed for people living with memory loss is offering a safe space for dementia patients and a short break for their loved …”
TAGS: Dementia, caregiver burnout, support services