Daily Media Digest September 13, 2022

A research collaboration informed by lived experience
The Globe and Mail
“… a clinical trial where her body was cooled to a certain degree to preserve brain function, her daughters said yes. “It made a big difference because when I came out of it, I hadn’t suffered any cognitive loss,” Armour explains.”
TAGS: cardiac arrest, clinical trial, patient perspective, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Researchers ramp up response to rapid spread of monkeypox virus
University of Calgary
“Dr. John Gill, MD … answers some pressing questions about monkeypox, including what researchers in Calgary are doing to better understand the disease, how it’s spread and ways to enhance disease prevention measures.”
TAGS: infectious disease, monkeypox, University of Calgary

First in the world: Direct-to-brain delivery of therapeutic in Parkinson’s disease using focused ultrasound is safe
Sunnybrook Research Institute
“… first in the world to demonstrate that focused ultrasound technology can safely be used to deliver a therapeutic to targeted brain regions in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD).”
TAGS: Parkinson’s disease, ultrasound, medical technology, Sunnybrook, University Health Network

Dr. Connie Eaves receives 2022 Till and McCulloch Lifetime Achievement Award
BC Cancer Research
“The Till and McCulloch Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the career-spanning, pivotal contributions that Dr. Eaves has made to the field of stem cell research, as well as to the training of next generations of outstanding researchers.”
TAGS: stem cell research, award, Stem Cell Network, Provincial Health Services Authority

Biotechnology, statistics, collaboration, and the pursuit of the future
The Hill Times
“Canada has embraced the potential for biotechnology to revolutionize modern life. … a strong contributor to the Canadian innovation economy and Canada places highly in international rankings of biotechnology development.”
TAGS: biotechnology, innovation, Simon Fraser University