Daily Media Digest September 19, 2022

Not all sugars are the same: Using glucose to treat hypoglycemia
“Low blood glucose—also known as hypoglycemia—can be one of the most challenging, stressful, and often scary parts of living with diabetes. Learning how to treat hypoglycemia is very important.”
TAGS: type 1 diabetes, blood glucose levels, JDRF

Changing the Reality of Living with ALS Through Research and Advocacy

Health Insight
“The harsh realities of the disease reinforce the need for innovative research and a stronger Canadian health-care system.”
TAGS: neurodegenerative disease, advocacy, Canadian research, ALS Society of Canada

Using voice as a biomarker for diagnosis

“Doctors could soon have a new tool to detect disorders and illnesses such as pneumonia, Alzheimer’s and autism, thanks to a Canada-U.S. database of human voices to which UdeM is contributing.”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, Canadian innovation, Université de Montréal

Data sharing should not be an afterthought in digital health innovation

Policy Options
“We need to learn lessons from previous pandemics and to support an effective way of sharing data across Canada – while addressing privacy concerns.”
TAGS: data sharing, digital health, Simon Fraser University

Early catch leads to heart valve disease treatment

Hamilton Health Sciences
“It’s typically associated with aging, however, Timmerman was born with the bicuspid aortic valve which eventually caused the heart valve disease.”
TAGS: heart valve disease, open heart surgery, Hamilton Health Sciences

Memorial walk in Halifax raises $16K for myeloma research

Global News
“Myeloma is a type of blood cancer that impacts white blood cells. … director of development and community relations with Myeloma Canada, …”
TAGS: myeloma, blood cancer, fundraising, Myeloma Canada