Daily Media Digest September 19, 2023

Connecting Ontarians to The Tools They Need to Stay Healthy This Respiratory Illness Season
Ontario Newsroom
“The province expects to start receiving doses of Moderna’s updated SPIKEVAX XBB COVID-19 vaccine later in September, which better protects against the new Omicron XBB variant.”
KEYWORDS: respiratory illness, vaccine, GSK Canada, Ontario Pharmacists Association

A New Path to Diagnosis – Study uncovers markers of ankylosing spondylitis by studying cellular packages and their cargo
Research at UHN
“To improve patient care, efforts are under way to identify gene- and protein changes that contribute to the condition and could serve as disease signatures, called biomarkers.”
KEYWORDS: arthritis, diagnosis, University Health Network, Schroeder Arthritis Institute, Arthritis Society

Sniffing sleuths: Canine disease detectives
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Dogs trained to detect COVID-19 based on scent alone could improve disease detection in various care settings.”
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, cancer, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Meet Dr. Natasha Kekre, The Ottawa Hospital’s new Research Chair in Advanced Stem Cell Therapy
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“The Research Chair in Advanced Stem Cell Therapy will directly support Dr. Kekre’s groundbreaking research and clinical trials, allowing more patients …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, biotherapeutics, stem cell research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

U of T Researchers Dispel Long-Standing Theory Guiding Nanoparticle Treatment of Tumours
Temerty Faculty of Medicine – University of Toronto
“This research was supported by the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, NanoMedicines Innovation Network and the …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, Canadian research, Canadian Cancer Society, University of Toronto

HHS Hemoglobinopathy Clinic “a lifeline” for sickle cell patients
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Hamilton Health Sciences patient Roxanne Mahony shares what it’s like to be a patient at the Adult and Pediatric Hemoglobinopathy Clinic.”
KEYWORDS: sickle cell disease, patient experience, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University