Daily Media Digest September 28, 2022

Honouring the Newest Icons in Canadian Health Leadership: The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Announces the 2023 Inductees
HRI Portal
“Cynthia Forbes, MD, chair of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF), announced today that the following have been selected for induction into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame …”
TAGS: Canadian research, education programs and awards, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

New imaging method for measuring lung damage in the small airways

TMU News
“TMU student wins a national competition in medical physics for her research in computed tomography (CT) texture-based radiomics …”
TAGS: innovative research, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Toronto Metropolitan University

From scientific curiosity to a breakthrough ALS research discovery

ALS Canada
“… we now know that there is significance to this research that other scientists had once dismissed. We have proven these tiny nerve junctions don’t simply die when people develop ALS, which is what scientists believed before.”
TAGS: Canadian research, grants, ALS Canada, Université de Montréal

Marijuana as medicine for kids with cancer: An emerging field of desperately-needed research

BC Children’s Hospital RI
“Parents want to know how to help their kids manage symptoms from harsh cancer treatments, and sometimes they want to learn more about potential anti-cancer effects for the most difficult to treat cancers.”
TAGS: medical marijuana, oncology, pediatric health, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

A push for awareness of an incurable blood cancer
CTV News Montreal
“Michelle Oana with Myeloma Canada gives insight on the incurable blood cancer affecting people around the world.”
TAGS: blood cancer, fundraising, Myeloma Canada

Penetanguishene’s Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care expands access to … – Simcoe.com
“Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care is expanding the availability of a therapy used to treat severe forms of depression and bipolar disorder.”
TAGS: electroconvulsive therapy, severe depression, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care