Daily Media Digest September 30, 2020

Ontario could reach 1000 daily COVID-19 cases by October: study
NOW Magazine
“… a research team of scientists and physicians from the University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital and University Health Network, is predicting that …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, second wave, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University Health Network

The hazards of ill-designed science in the age of COVID-19
McGill Tribune
“The commentary, co-authored by Paul Villeneuve, professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton University, examined nine different …”
TAGS: COVID-19, innovative research, risk factors, Carleton University, McGill University

London, Ont., prostate cancer study suggests gut bacteria plays role in treatment response
“Brendan Daisley, a PhD candidate at Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, conducting research at Lawson Health Research …”
TAGS: prostate cancer, gut bacteria, innovative treatment, prognosis, Lawson Health Sciences Research Institute, Western University

The obesity paradox: Obese patients fare better than others after heart surgery
The Conversation
“We found that patients in the overweight and moderately obese categories made up two-thirds of all cardiac surgery patients. However, these patients actually had lower death rates and complications than patients in the normal weight, underweight and morbidly obese categories.”
TAGS: obesity, population health, cardiovascular health, Queen’s University

Trial combines two kinds of radiation treatment for new approach to prostate cancer care
“Dr. Loblaw told Phil about a new trial — EARTH — that was combining one session of brachytherapy and one session of stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR). Brachytherapy involves delivering a high-dose of radiation internally, right to the prostate. SABR is a high-precision, external beam radiation treatment.”
TAGS: prostate cancer, innovative treatments, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Meet our first grant recipients of the International Development, Aid and Collaboration program
Royal College Newsroom – The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
“Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce announces the first grant recipients from the Royal College’s … The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.”
TAGS: grant recipient, international development, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada