Diabetes Action Canada – Sex and Gender

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For far too long diabetes research projects took place without the most knowledgeable partners at the table – those living with the disease.

This led to the development of treatments and therapies that did not always take the needs of those living with diabetes and their families into consideration, and which often failed because of this.

Diabetes Action Canada was formed to ensure the patient voice is not only heard, but deeply embedded into the research process, with the overarching goal of improving outcomes for everyone.

Within Diabetes Action Canada are a series of research programs each addressing an urgent need as articulated by our Patient Partners – Understanding the impact of sex and gender on the lived experiences of those living with diabetes are among them.

It is widely accepted now that sex and gender have an influence on research outcomes, in particular when it comes to chronic health conditions like diabetes.

For Diabetes Action Canada, it has been critical to include sex-and-gender-based analysis plus (SGBA+) in all of our programs.

This takes the analysis to a new level by considering factors, like race, disability, income and others, alongside sex and gender. Working with the Women’s Xchange, a women’s health knowledge translation and exchange centre based out of Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, our team has ensured that each research program we support has access to a SGBA+ consultation, review and feedback. In addition, we have supported educational presentations for our teams, a series of online education modules and the development of a tool to assess the quality of SGBA+ integration in research proposals.

The SGBA team will also be looking at how to incorporate intersectionality and other factors like socioeconomic status into the SGBA+ lens to improve outcomes for people living with diabetes by ensuring the unique elements of their lives are factored into research projects.


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About Diabetes Action Canada

Diabetes Action Canada is a Canadian research organization, launched in 2016, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Strategic Patient-Oriented Research program, non-profit organizations, and private sponsors. We focus on bringing patients, their caregivers and researchers together to identify the health concerns of those living with diabetes and to co-create research projects that address these concerns. We partner and collaborate with research teams across Canada, non-profit organizations such as JDRF, and provincial governments to plan, execute and evaluate these research projects so we can improve patient outcomes and experiences.