Health Committee to Hear About Unmet Needs of Medical Cannabis Patients

Research, affordability, and access of medical cannabis are critical issues that must be addressed.



OTTAWA, September 15, 2017 — As part of their review of cannabis legalization (Bill C-45), the Standing Committee on Health will today hear testimony on the critical needs and concerns regarding the medical use of cannabis. Representatives of The Arthritis Society and Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana will appear at committee today (10:45am ET) to express the need for increased research, affordability, and access. They will be available for interviews in English or French after the medical marijuana panel concludes.

While the groups commend the government for recognizing the need to maintain a separate and distinct regulatory approach for medical cannabis, there are still considerations that should be made to address the currently unmet needs of patients.

There remains to be a deficit of properly funded research and Canadian clinical trials into the therapeutic use of medical cannabis. This creates barriers to patient access as many physicians express reluctance to authorize medical cannabis in the absence of robust, peer-reviewed research. We have asked, as part of budget 2018, for the federal government to commit $25 million over five years to support medical cannabis research. This investment is an essential step the government must take to ensure unbiased research in areas including indications, risks, dosage, and forms of administration.

Affordability is a major ongoing concern for many patients, as they cannot make use of existing policies and programs that can help address the costs of their medicine. Patients are making treatment choices based on finances, including switching onto less effective medications with severe side effects, including opioids, as they are covered. To improve affordability, as a next step, the government should remove sales tax for medical cannabis and facilitate insurance coverage.

In addition to the continuation of mail order and personal production, pharmacies should have exclusive authority to retail medical cannabis. This model of distribution will help broaden insurance coverage and ensure that patients receive reliable education on the safe and effective use of medical cannabis from trained healthcare professionals with regulatory oversight.

The organizations have collaborated extensively on important issues surrounding medical cannabis over the past two years and continue the call for increased research, access, and affordability. Our joint submission to the committee can be found here.



“The use of medical cannabis must be recognized as a legitimate therapeutic option. We are hopeful committee members will listen to the needs of patients and enact measures to ensure there is safe, reliable, and affordable access that is backed by research.”
– Jonathan Zaid, Founder & Executive Director, CFAMM

“The Arthritis Society is doing our part to fill these knowledge gaps, having already committed $720,000 in research funding,” says Janet Yale. “But we can’t do it alone: we need a systemic commitment from the Federal government to prioritize medical cannabis research in order to provide physicians with evidence-based guidelines to reference in advising their patients. Canada has an opportunity not only to catch up, but to become a global leader in this important work.”
– Janet Yale, CEO, The Arthritis Society






For Interviews (in English):
Jonathan Zaid, Founder & Executive Director
Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana
(416) 837-5972 |

In French:
Daphnée Elisma, Quebec Representative
Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana
(514) 213-5378 |


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