Nurses are at work while most of us are at home – let’s support them

This pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to all of us. Never before has virtually all segments of society been asked to stay at home and stay away from family and friends. From students to government workers and across the labour force, people are adjusting to a life standing six feet apart, wearing masks to get groceries and finding new ways to pass the time when they are not working. The exceptions of course are the workers and industries that have been deemed “essential.” And no group of workers is more essential in these times than our frontline healthcare workers, especially our nurses. That is why we must support them.

Nurses and health care providers across the country are on the front lines keeping our families, friends and communities safe. Their tireless efforts in this ever-changing battle against COVID-19 is crucial. Nurses are being called on to stay at work while we are being called on to stay at home. They are making decisions based on a pandemic they have never experienced. They are administering the tests, tending to the sick in their hospital beds, long term care homes and in our communities trying to give comfort where they can to patients suffering the worst effects of the virus.

That is why on April 21, the Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) was proud to officially launch our COVID-19 Fund in support of Nurses Across Canada, in partnership with Founding Sponsor, the TYLENOL® brand.

Nurses need our support, now more than ever. This COVID-19 Fund will immediately support in numerous ways including:

  • Help provide mental health support for nurses during this COVID-19 pandemic
  • Help provide nurses with the evidence, skills and training they need to better navigate COVID-19
  • Develop and share best practices for future pandemics
  • Explore and support new research in critical care and pandemic response

Community and corporate partners are showing their support of nurses across Canada.  For example, Mud Hero Canada is donating a portion of every race entry to the Canadian Nurses Foundation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Additionally, in partnership with Fund Duel, Canadians can easily join CNF’s virtual Fund Duel to support nurses both locally within their own province, or together nationally, in support of CNF’s COVID-19 Fund for Nurses.

As we continue to work together to defeat COVID-19, everyone knows a nurse or a frontline healthcare worker who is redefining the meaning of the term ‘public service.’ We are issuing a call to action to others in the corporate community to come onboard and show your support to nurses who are going above and beyond the call of duty every day. Our nurse heroes are risking their own health and their own lives on the front lines of a war we must win. A battle that together – we will win.

To show your support for nurses, go to:


About the Canadian Nurses Foundation:

Nurses are leaders in public health and patient safety, especially during these unprecedented times.  The Canadian Nurses Foundation is investing in nursing excellence for better patient care.  They support world-class Canadian health care by raising funds to advance nursing knowledge and research, and by recognizing professional merit in Canada’s nurses.