Report on Fundamental Science Presents a Bold Plan to Reinvigorate Canadian Research


OTTAWA, April 11, 2017 – Research Canada applauds the Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science on its bold and visionary report, Investing in Canada’s Future: Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research, released today in Ottawa. We were pleased to see that so many of Research Canada’s recommendations in its submission to Canada’s Fundamental Science Review, Securing Canadian Leadership in Research and Innovation, were addressed in the Panel’s Report.

“Dr. Naylor and the Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science have presented a comprehensive agenda critical to reinvigorating Canada’s research ecosystem,” said Dr. Ryan Wiley, Chair of Research Canada and President of Shift Health. “Concurrent with proposed improvements in governance, accountability and co-ordination across federal funding streams, the Panel has forcefully advanced recommendations aimed at providing urgent financial relief to Canada’s four major granting agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC and CFI). Averaging 9 percent per year over four years, this research reinvestment plan recognizes research as the foundation of an innovative economy; these funds would yield long-term social and economic returns and are critically needed to restore Canada’s place in an increasingly competitive global research environment.”

“We are encouraged by the Panel’s recommendation that the granting councils collaborate in developing an integrated strategy to promote and provide long-term support for Indigenous research, with the goal of enhancing research and training by and with Indigenous researchers and communities, ” said Ms. Deborah Gordon-El-Bihbety, Research Canada’s President and CEO. “We are also strongly supportive of the Panel’s recommendation to have the four agencies examine best practices in supporting early-career researchers.”

The Report has much to recommend it. Research Canada looks forward to reviewing the Report in greater detail and to working with the Government of Canada to strengthen Canada’s research and science foundation by investing in the fundamental research that will fuel future innovations, create new industries, spur job creation and drive economic growth.

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