The Future of Technology and Aging in Canada

Older Canadians are now the fastest growing segment of our population, with recent demographic projections pointing to one in five Canadians being 65 or older by 2024.[1] This demographic shift will present challenges and opportunities that require governments to be proactive and innovative in their solutions. This will include turning to new sectors or partners to address challenges collaboratively.

The technology and aging or AgingTech sector is a key part of the solution. Technology grants us with an unprecedented opportunity to improve the lives of older adults and caregivers, create more sustainable healthcare solutions, and open up new possibilities for businesses and government. However, technology in aging comes with its own challenges as the sector struggles with ensuring patient safety and privacy, along with accountability concerns.

There are growing needs and future opportunities for the federal government to support research and innovation in the field of technology and aging to ensure that older adults continue to lead healthy and independent lives. This might be through funding for research networks such as AGE-WELL or emphasizing technology in future policy documents, such as the much anticipated National Seniors Strategy.

In order to continue making advancements in the technology and aging space, we are asking candidates to recognize how AGE-WELL is putting Canada at the forefront of the international AgingTech sector. The network is continuously developing practical technology-based solutions to address the challenges of an aging population including those who experience impairment, disability or illness. AGE-WELL shares ideas, concepts, and knowledge amongst all stakeholders – seniors, caregivers, industry, community, government, and researchers. AGE-WELL hopes that all candidates stay committed to research and innovation in the AgingTech sector, and adequately reflect this in party platforms and promises.

[1] Statistics Canada. (2018). Canada’s population estimates: Age and sex, July 1, 2018. Retrieved from:


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