Daily Media Digest October 27, 2023

Post-stroke irregular heart rhythms don’t predict another stroke
Lawson Health Research Institute
“A new study, published in The Lancet Neurology, describes the knowledge on atrial fibrillation detected in patients who had a recent stroke …”
KEYWORDS: stroke, cardiovascular health, Lawson Health Research Institute, Western University

UCalgary and AHS researchers discover how multiple myeloma cells become resistant to immunotherapy
University of Calgary
“Despite promising results obtained by using novel immunotherapeutic approaches, every multiple myeloma patient relapses at some point. We wanted to understand …”
KEYWORDS: immunotherapy, myeloma, University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services

Researchers create plant-based microrobots for medical use
University of Waterloo
“Waterloo Engineering research uses plant-based materials to create tiny soft robots that can potentially conduct medical procedures.”
KEYWORDS: innovative research, engineering, University of Waterloo

Hockey head impact research highlights need to improve injury prevention
Simon Fraser University
“Simon Fraser University researchers are learning more about how the scenarios for head impacts in hockey—from player clashes to contact with the …”
KEYWORDS: injury prevention, brain health, Simon Fraser University

Research Matters: Another step in precision medicine
HRI Portal
“A Thunder Bay-based company and researchers at Lakehead University are refining technology they developed to spot early-stage breast cancer that may be used to scan other parts of the body. The device now being customized to …”
KEYWORDS: breast cancer, medical imaging, Lakehead University