Myeloma Canada Awarded $20,000 US for their Commitment to Shared Decision-Making


Myeloma Canada Awarded $20,000 US for their Commitment to Shared Decision-Making
Programs Empower Patients as Equal Partners in their Healthcare


Montreal, July 16, 2019 — Myeloma Canada is pleased to announce their having been chosen as the North American winner of Celgene’s $20,000 (USD) Impact Heme Award for 2019. The award is given in recognition and honour of patient organizations demonstrating excellence in crafting novel solutions that innovatively support and meet the needs of people diagnosed and living with (blood) cancer through Shared Decision-Making (SDM) initiatives and programs.

The Impact Heme Award was granted to Myeloma Canada for their My Life. My Myeloma Online Resource Centre, Myeloma Monitor interactive application and supporting tools. These initiatives were developed to help promote and support Shared Decision-Making, patients and caregivers as equal partners in their medical journey.  “As someone who has been living with myeloma for over 17 years, I understand how essential it is for patients and caregivers to be equipped with all the necessary tools and facts so they feel empowered, informed and confident to share in the decisions surrounding their own healthcare.”, stated  Aldo Del Col, Co-founder of Myeloma Canada. “Our goal is to encourage each and every patient to ‘take a seat at the table’, get involved and play a key role in all decision-making related to managing their healthcare.”

Martine Elias, Executive Director at Myeloma Canada said, “At Myeloma Canada, we define Shared Decision-Making as patients – and their caregivers – assuming an integral hands-on, participatory role in their healthcare and treatment path. The nature of myeloma is very complex; a shared decision-making model is really a necessity to best determine the patient’s appropriate course of treatment. They need resources and information that are easily accessible in order to effectively weigh the risks and benefits of drug therapies with their healthcare team and share in meaningful, insightful discussions on dealing with their illness.”

My Life. My Myeloma Online Resource Centre is a ‘user-friendly, one-stop-shop’, providing Canadian myeloma patients and caregivers with easy access to the information and materials they need to be empowered, active participants in their healthcare journey. The Resource Centre is continuously updated with innovative tools such as the Myeloma Monitor, an interactive application that functions as a patient ‘companion’ and support tool to help manage, organize and monitor all aspects and details of the individual’s disease. Also available within the Resource Centre are discussion and decision-making guides, videos, a customizable web navigation for a personalized user experience, and more.

“The mind/body connection in health and wellness has been well documented. One of Myeloma Canada’s goals is to help simplify cumbersome disease-related responsibilities, tasks and commitments. This has been proven to help improve the patient’s state of mind, which in turn, has a positive impact on disease progression and remission rates.” Elias said. “We are grateful to Celgene for having chosen Myeloma Canada’s My Life. My Myeloma Online Resource Centre and Myeloma Monitor interactive application. The monies will be applied toward research and development of these vital patient-focused programs, creating new SDM materials, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of the programs, and SDM in general, for the Canadian myeloma community.”

Multiple myeloma, commonly referred to as myeloma, is a cancer of the plasma cells – immune cells that produce antibodies to fight infection – found in the bone marrow. Although myeloma is generally referred to as a blood cancer, it is actually a cancer affecting the immune system. The cause of myeloma remains unidentified; to date, there is no cure. Every day, 8 Canadians are diagnosed with myeloma, yet in spite of its growing prevalence, the disease remains relatively unknown. Thanks to research advancements, new clinical trials and treatment breakthroughs, people afflicted with myeloma are living better and longer lives than ever before. While a cure is getting closer, more research and new drug therapies are required. Learn more here:

Myeloma Canada is a non-profit, charitable organization created by and for Canadians impacted by multiple myeloma. Exclusively devoted to the Canadian myeloma community, the organization is driven to improve the lives of those affected by myeloma through awareness-building, educational activities, advocacy, fostering an empowered myeloma community and supporting clinical research so that a cure may be found. Myeloma Canada has been making myeloma matter since it was founded in 2005. Learn more here:

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