Daily Media Digest December 11, 2023

SickKids closes $100 million offering to fund major redevelopment project “These key investments are helping us to ensure we remain one of the world’s best pediatric research … The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) […]


Daily Media Digest December 8, 2023

U of A, Cornell researchers team up on technology to hide transplanted islet cells from the immune system University of Alberta “Experimental technique could one day allow transplants of insulin-producing cells for people with diabetes […]


Daily Media Digest December 7, 2023

Government of Canada supports science and research organizations that are transforming research and knowledge into action “The Strategic Science Fund will deliver leading-edge research, train the next generation of scientists, and help transform health […]


Daily Media Digest December 6, 2023

A strategic partnership of $1.2M for ovarian cancer treatments Cancer Research Society (CRS) “This strategic partnership mobilizes a significant amount of $1.2 million to fund two research projects of $600,000 each over a three-year period.” […]

Guest Blog

Clearing the Path to Drug Discovery

The global biotechnology market is a fast-paced, ever-growing and evolving space encompassing topics ranging from drug discovery to bioproduction. To stay on the cutting-edge, the Canadian government has invested multiple billions of dollars towards projects […]


Daily Media Digest December 4, 2023

Viral success: McMaster researchers discover new way to protect against infections like COVID-19 Brighter World – McMaster University “An exciting therapeutic discovery involving synthetic aptamers being worked on by McMaster researchers is showing promise in […]